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Welcome to

Back of the Pack Elite! 


Welcome to Back of the Pack Elite (BotPE)!  We are thrilled you have joined us and wish you the very best race you can run!  Whether you are prepping for your very first 5k or planning your 50th full marathon, you can expect the support and encouragement of the entire team as we push one another to limits you thought were impossible!  We are all stronger runners together and are so excited you have chosen to join us!

BotPE was founded on the idea that we are all runners and deserve the support of our fellow racers, regardless of speed or distance.  How fast you run is never a determining factor in acceptance to our group and we are all inclusive by having some folks that have time-qualified for the Boston Marathon to the weekend warriors that lace up on a Saturday morning for a local, casual 5k.  No matter if you run a 6-minute mile or a 16-minute mile, you are always a member of our team!

We will never discriminate against the distance you run either.  If you feel comfortable running a 5k, go for it.  A 10k more your style, run it.  A fan of the half marathon, take a stroll around the block for 13.1 miles.  We'll be here for the trainings leading up to your big race, as well as for the victory lap you'll take sporting a bright, shiny medal (because who runs a race without a medal?).  We aim to celebrate all member victories, big and small.  It will always be our desire to create an atmosphere of passion for running, encouragement to attain our goals, support to endure the hardships and recognition to celebrate the wins!

Our Mission Statement:  To create on-going support and encouragement for runners of all paces and distances, while celebrating our member's victories in life and on the roads and trails we run.


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