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Captains Log: Day 34

This first month has been all over the board from rigorous exercise and healthy eating to lying on the couch and eating everything that wasn’t moving. I tried to wrangle myself in the last few days of January and ended up losing a total of 8.4 lbs. While I would have like to have lost more, I’m satisfied with the outcome. I got out of it what I put in. So, this month I plan to be less lenient on my eating and stop grazing. Just because I have nothing to do, doesn’t mean I need to constantly eat to occupy my time. At work I’ve resisted most of the temptations of a free lunch and opted for my frozen low-calorie meals or my meal preps (I need to do that more.) Running is getting easier now that I’m on a schedule. Having specific goals in place are helping me keep with a routine. A thing that is still a challenge for me is cross training. I know I need to do it.  It will help with losing weight and make me a better runner,  but UGH!!! Note to self: MAKE SURE TO CROSS TRAIN IN FEBRUARY!  


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Month 1


My weight loss for the month of January was…..drumroll…….. 8.2 lbs!  My first thought was to be disappointed, because I really wanted to lose 10 lbs. this month, but I’m deciding to celebrate that I’ve lost 8.2 lbs.  That was 8.2 lbs that was holding me back in my running.  That was 8.2 lbs making my clothes fit tighter.  That was 8.2 lbs that was making feel tired all the time.  That was 8.2 lbs making me less healthy.  So, yes, I will celebrate this very small victory.


I’m actually quite surprised I lost that much, if we’re being completely honest.  I was horrible at sticking to a “diet.”  I ate bad crap along the way, and I was lazy MANY days.  BUT, what I did NOT do is let a day of bad eating or lack of exercise wreck the next day.  In the past, I would do that to myself.  I’d say, “Oh well, I’m off the wagon, so let’s eat!!!”  Instead of beating myself up for the things I didn’t do, or things I did wrong, l decided to think about all the things I did right.

  1. I logged what I ate every day. 

  2. I watched what I ate.  I tried to always put protein first (on the orders of my surgeon) and lower my carb intake.     Although I splurged, way too many times, I was at least thoughtful of what I did eat.

    • I found an app (free!!!)  that helped me with healthy dinners.  It’s called Mealime.  It allows me to choose what kind of diet I want to follow (low carb), and it gives me meal ideas.  I can choose the meals I want to eat that week, and it makes a grocery list for me!  I can add or delete anything from that list.  You guys should check it out!

    • I also do Hello Fresh three days a week.  While the meals are not necessarily low carb, they are fresh and convenient, and they really help me with portion control.  Most importantly, it helps us to not eat out when it gets too busy.  We get the two-person pack, but it will feed all four of us, since I have two small children.  Sometimes I’ll supplement by cooking an extra chicken breast or an extra piece of steak if the portions are too small. 

    • For lunch, I’ve been living on salad and protein soup I buy from my bariatric surgeon’s office.  These soups are not great, but it’s doable for me.

And now, a little bit of food porn for you:






I know I just threw a lot of “products” at you, but I promise I’m not being paid by these people—just sharing what is working for me.


  1. I increased my activity.  Are we talking a major change in activity?  No.  I just tried to move more.


So, it’s true that small changes can make a difference!


For February, I hope to remedy some of the mistakes I made in January.  Here are some new goals:


  1. Lose weight—I’m not going to put a number on it this time; it’s too much pressure.

  2. Run or go to the gym AT LEAST twice a week.  I really would like to run 3-4 times a week, but twice a week will be my baseline.

  3. Continue making the healthy choices I’ve been making and try not to make so many poor choices (I have a weakness for Snickers bars). 

  4. I’m going to have to give up my diet soda.  What’s the best way?  Should I go cold turkey or wean myself off gradually?  What works for you guys?



I have to believe I CAN do this, and I’ll continue taking everything day-by-day.  Thank you, guys, for your encouraging comments!  They help me even more than you can know!


I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes—it’s one I live by.


“Acknowledge the obstacles, but don’t give them power.”—Vernice Armour

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